Reviewer of JASP: Jurnal Analisis Sosial Politik  is composed of experts who are competent in the fields of politic and other social sciences and each works independently and professionally by upholding the ethical code of scientific publications as reviewers. The peer review process of JASP: Jurnal Analisis Sosial Politik is as follows:

  1. Reviewer conducts a review or scanning and examination of incoming manuscript to be analyzed based on conformity with their field of expertise. Reviewer has the right to refuse if it is not in accordance with their expertise and competence, and the Section Editor can redirect to other appropriate reviewers.
  2. Reviewed manuscript is a double blind review (without the identity of the writer and reviewer).
  3. Reviewer comprehends the manuscript based on the substance (article quality) within a maximum period of 4 weeks after the manuscript is received. If within that period the review of the manuscript has not been completed, the reviewer must confirm to the Editor in Chief of the journal.
  4. During the review process, the reviewers provide an assessment of the manuscript through the review form that is available within electronic journal application. If you find it difficult, reviewers can manually review the script on the checklist review form (Ms.Word format) sent by the Section Editor.
  5. Reviewed manuscript is returned to the Section Editor.
  6. Reviewer makes decisions on the results of the reviewed manuscript, including:
  • Accept Submission (manuscript is accepted).
  • Revisions Required (the manuscript needs to be revised by the author and returned to the reviewer).
  • Decline Submission (manuscript is declined).
  • See Comments (see comments, reviewers refuse subtly).