ASEAN WAY VERSUS ISU HAM DAN DEMOKRASI (Gap Antara Old Mechanism dan New Issues)



Contemporary, ASEAN is moving from an elitist community oriented towards a community that focus on people oriented. For supporting this ASEAN settles the issue of human rights and democracy in the building of its institutional norms. However, ASEAN has not removed the principle of non-intervention and ASEAN Way. In addition to causing a lot of criticism of ASEAN regarding this, in upholding human rights, the norm of intervention can hinder ASEAN, especially in solving some problems of democracy and human rights. This article uses a qualitative approach and focuses on looking at the ASEAN Way, especially the non-intervention norms that are still being maintained by ASEAN. Regional institutions including ASEAN are still dependent on state control. ASEAN member countries still maintain non-intervention norms. The ASEAN Way secures state’s interest to keep the issues of democracy and human rights under domestic authority. In addition, it turns out that this norm is still seen as useful and effective in solving problems in Southeast Asia. The issue of maintaining ASEAN as an institution and keeping Southeast Asian countries united in a framework of cooperation in order to maintain peace in Southeast Asia is more important than transforming by eliminating the ASEAN Way.


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